Considering their comprehensive product lines, strong R&D capabilities, and global presence - PAX is no longer just making a name for themselves in the payment device world, they’re setting an industry standard.

For years PAX has been delivering high-quality devices at extremely competitive prices with their classic line. Add in great service and EMV-ready functionality and you have a device for any point-of-sale solution.

Introducing the PAXstore, an innovative app store offering full access control and remote configuration. Contact your representative to learn more about the PAXstore and how you can get set up and deliver even more value to your merchant

Pax Deployment for Software Developers

If you're a software developer that’s interested in getting out of the hardware business, drop us a line and POS Portal can show you how. Join our referral program and let us take care of distribution for you. Contact Us >>

Repairs and Returns

Something not right with your order? Contact our customer service team and we'll help solve the issue. You can reach us at: or (866) 276-7289. All replacements must be initiated with our customer service team within 30 days from original ship date. Check out our full return policy here.

We offer a one-year repair policy on PAX devices, reach out to your rep for additional questions.