REVAMP Your Hardware

Injections: Debit Keys, Data Key Encryptions  |  Downloads: Applications, XPI Load  |  Upgrades: Operating System, Firmware  |  Backups: Restore File  |  Repairs

Need to REVAMP your hardware? We're here to help! POS Portal has a large key library and we program thousands of devices each day. As the holder of the most generic, processor debit keys in the industry we can easily reconfigure your device to meet your needs.

Please click here to submit a REVAMP request. After the form is submitted a POS Portal Representative will contact you within 1 - 2 business days to issue a RMA. Once a RMA is issued just send in your device(s) and we'll do the rest!

POS Portal provides in-house key injections at our secure facilities for our customers' hardware.

Your order confirmation will have shipping instructions attached. Send in only the device, no accessories, as any accessories (cables, cords, etc.) sent in with the device are not guaranteed to be returned.

If you have any questions please contact us at or (866) 276-7289.

Terms and Conditions
  1. All shipments must be labeled with the POS Portal provided RMA.
  2. Device must power on, be in working condition and unlocked (no passwords). If the above conditions are not met the device will be returned and deemed unserviceable. In the case of an unserviceable device there will be a service charge.
  3. Send in only the device, no accessories. Any accessories (cables, cords, etc.) sent in with device are not guaranteed to be returned.
  4. Prices may vary depending on complexity of request.